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Installing The BACK OFF Brake Light Modulator On A Yamaha ‘Liner

In the early ‘90’s I was stopped at a traffic light when I heard a set of screeching tires approaching. My mirror showed a young girl stopped about five feet in back of me.

I guess she saw the red light but not me! It was daylight and a clear day and no heavy traffic. She just didn’t see me!

A bit of research found the Signal Dynamics Corporation who produced the BACK OFF module that flashed the brake lights in a “Three Short – One Long” pattern, as long as the brakes were held on.

That install consisted of cutting the brake light wire and splicing in the two wires from the module. It worked great and only took a few minutes to install. All the cables were easily gotten to on my 1100 Virago. I later transferred the module to my Road Star.

Check out the attached pictures which show the taillight connector which is just under the ECU and held within a protective pouch. The two wires needed are the BLACK wire (ground) and the YELLOW wire (brakelight). The connector is the only one with a yellow wire in it. Carefully separate the connectors and follow the cable back to where it is directed back to the rear fender. I slit the cable cover so as to expose a bit more wire.

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Visit their web site at and take a look at their products, one of which is the BACK OFF unit. A STRONG caution here : The Liner line uses true LED taillight assembly, which draws VERY little current and causes problems with the old BACK OFF modules.. You MUST purchase the “XP Signal Module” for use with LED lights.

The “XP” is a three wire unit (a ground wire connection has been added) that connects in series with your brake light wire. The unit comes with additional features, one being for auto back up lights, which I taped back.

The red wire connects to the +12 volts from the brake switches. The black wire connects to a ground.

If you want the light to flash 3 short and one long, which is repeated – connect the white wire with red stripe to the taillight. That’s it!

If you want 5 short flashes and then continuous on, connect the red wire with white stripe to the taillight.

I chose the first option of 3 short (mine does 4 short!) and one long - repeated.

I cut the yellow wire about 3” back from the connector and to these wires I crimped on Automobile “Barrel” connectors which are available at most auto stores.

I “Skinned” back the black wire (ground) inside the cable , and soldered an 8” length of black wire to it, then crimped another connector to the loose end and taped the connection.

The BACK OFF wires were a bit short, so I spliced 6” of wire to the red, black, and white/W-red stripe and installed a barrel connector to each.

I now had the ability to remove the module by unplugging the barrel connectors and re-connect the two yellow wires , which restores the bike to normal operation.

I carefully removed the ridge on the plastic bracket in back of the ECU area. This gives a level surface to stick the module in place.

The pictures show the layout of all components.

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It’s easy and adds a LOT to your safety my friends…