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[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvK-4uNqWz8 Fuel Tank Removal Part-2]
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvK-4uNqWz8 Fuel Tank Removal Part-2]
=Shortcut Method=
=Shortcut Method=

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How to Remove the Gas Tank

  1. Remove front seat. Use your key.
  2. Remove rubber caps from the fuel shut off valves. Run screws in all the way to shut fuel off.
  3. Remove speedo dash – 3 qty # 5mm Allen. Unplug all connectors including the small white one. Note order of plugs then un-snap from brackets on tank. Disconnect vent line.
  4. Left Side Cover – remove secure style tamper proof torque bolt. (Special tool needed.) Then remove bolt on the side cover at front under frame. The side cover will not come off but will move enough to allow fuel lines to be disconnected.
  5. Un-snap plastic clamps holding fuel shut off valves.
  6. Pivot valve down to aid in disconnection. Then pull out the side & leave hanging. Will stay attached to tank. Disconnect upper valve at lower hose – has squeeze type hose clamp – will remain attach to tank also.
  7. To remove fuel tank. Remove decorative fins at the front of tank. 2 allens #4 on each side.
  8. Remove two 10mm nuts at rear bracket holding tank.
  9. Remove 2 qty 12mm bolts at the front bracket holding tank.
  10. Remove gas tank – lift straight up and off.

Reference: http://forums.delphiforums.com/starroadliner/messages?msg=8130.2

...and a Link to a 2-Part You tube Vid for tank removal:

Fuel Tank Removal Part-1

Fuel Tank Removal Part-2

Shortcut Method

The following warning has not been verified, but thought it should be added here just in case.

WARNING (given to a member by his Star mechanic): "It turns out that the hoses are aluminum and actually have writing on them that say 'DO NOT BEND OR KINK!' They only have pliable short ends on them."

Update: From personal experience, the pliable rubber couplings are more than long enough to allow turning or 'swinging' the tank around (as described below), without disconnecting, and no damage to fuel lines. Caution is still in order however.

  1. You can also swing the tank around and set it on the frame, or on a chair, without disconnecting the fuel lines. Remember to protect the frame and tank with a towel.
  2. NOTE: At least 1 person has reported that the soft fuel lines can start leaking after using this method multiple times. If you smell gas, it may be time to replace the stock fuel lines with a higher grade automotive gas line (7/16").

Stock filter Replacement, Top-Off Mod, K&N Stock Style Filter

Remove the screws holding the top air intake cover/baffle that covers the filter. The filter will now come right out; replace with new one. Reverse above procedure for reassembly.

Note: It's at this point some folks do the 'Top Off Air Box Mod' to allow the engine to breathe more freely. It has sometimes been called the 'Poor Man's BAK' as it adds a very noticeable improvement in performance. It is important to note that when leaving the top off there is nothing to hold the filter in place, and it is therefore necessary to add at least 2 sufficiently large washers to the center side screw holes previously occupied by the cover hold down screws. Also for a little more performance 'boost' many have switched to the free'er breathing K&N stock replacement filter. See also:Big Air Kits (BAK) & K&N Replacement Filter#'s

Replacement #:

K&N YA-1906

Replacement Air Filter Info

Reference: http://forums.delphiforums.com/starroadliner/messages?msg=9328.1 Reference (warning): http://forums.delphiforums.com/starroadliner/messages?msg=21501.1