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Post pictures or signature on Delphi Forums without a paid account

  First, go here>Photobucket (or your preferred online photo storage service)and set up an account.

For FireFox Users IMPORTANT NOTE!!!: Whitemare has just announced renewed support of her WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor (RTE) for Fire Fox here on Delphi. More on this later. Watch the Forum for announcements. The Links and instructions for it's installation and use for signature pictures and unlimited posting of pics without a paid account will be updated here, in the Wiki, as the information becomes available (and I get it all figured out!).

You must of course, be using Fire Fox as your Browser, Then...

You must have the required Greasemonkey add-on for FF, if you don't already, from here>;

Then get the script for the WYSIWYG RTE itself if you don't already have it, from here>

(When the Script Pop-up appears, click on "Install")

 You should be done installing the RTE and it will take effect the next time you use FF as 

your preferred editor to post or edit. You may need to restart FF, and go to your Delphi Preferences, then select Fire Fox as your preferred editor (not Delphi's Editor)

Sorry for minimal to no instructions yet, but I will update as quickly as I can get the 'How-To' instructions written and tested for correctness.

Beginners step-by-step Instructions

For beginners installing this RTE for the first time (or reinstalling) and attempting to learn how to do a signature or upload photo's with only a Basic (non-paid Delphi acct), Here is a set of instructions that I wrote a few years ago that should work as I have tried to edit with a few updated links. Please let me know if these instructions don't work (or if they do!) Click the following link for: Beginners step-by-step Instructions

For more FireFox info: See Here>Go FireFox! For Using FireFox on Delphi.

For Other Browsers:

Delphi Forums New January 2014 Editor and New Features Roll-Out

In light of the new Editor and Forums features, here is a link to some 'How-To' Guides that should prove useful for those of you using the Delphi Editor:

And here's a 'quickie' reference for deleting Delphi Attachments: