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Welcome to the Star Roadliner/Stratoliner Unofficial Wiki

This site is intended to be a central location of information regarding the Star Roadliner / Stratoliner motorcycles.

The information in this Wiki has been pulled from the Star Stratoliner and Roadliner Forum on Delphi forums.

A Quick & Handy Tire Size Conversion Calculator

Tire Size Conversion Calculator

How to Google Search Entire Forum Without Paid Account

Copy and paste the following statement into the Google search bar and follow instructions below: inurl:starroadliner "Your Search Words Here"

After you copy and paste the above statement into your Google search bar, replace the words (Your Search Words Here) between the quotes, with your exact search words, then do a Google search. It will search all the way back to the beginning through the entire forum.

Easy How to Post Pix and Signature in Delphi Forums Without Paid Account

 First, go here>Photobucket and set up an account.

For FireFox Users IMPORTANT NOTE!!!:

As of this date(7-12-14)The FireFox Rich Text editor for use with the Delphi Forums is no longer supported and will eventually stop working - Rread more about it from the horses mouth at the official forum "Go Fire Fox!" here> RTE Is Retired by Whitemare(the originator)

For more FireFox info: See Here>Go FireFox! For Using FireFox on Delphi.

For Other Browsers:

Delphi Forums New January 2014 Editor and New Features Roll-Out

In light of the new Editor and Forums features, here is a link to some 'How-To' Guides that should prove useful for those of you using the Delphi Editor:

And here's a 'quickie' reference for deleting Delphi Attachments:


Yamaha / Star Corporate Address & Phone#

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA 6555 Katella Avenue Cypress, CA 90630

Star Motorcycles Customer Relations (800) 656-7695

Also: (714) 761-7300 (714) 761-1000

(And press "3" for Star Specialist)

To Report Unresolved Failures and Issues:

There is a chain of command so to speak and you start with your dealer, then Corp.

If you call corporate they will just tell you to go to your dealer first.

                                                          -from RW VTwinNut

General Computer Health/Security Info


How To

Parts / Tools

Please see the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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