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How to Re-Install the EXUP Cables

There are two cables. One has grooves machined in the adjuster end 10mm nut that attaches to the EXUP valve's stamped #2 slot. It also goes around the bottom of the motor pulley in the frame to the rear hole on the motor pulley. Briefly turn on the ignition key to activate the EXUP motor and move the frame pulley to where the cable end can be easily inserted around the back of the pulley with long nose pliers. Install the other #1 cable also on the frame pulley, making sure the inboard metal cable ferrules are inserted in the plastic two-hole frame bracket with the #2 in the lower hole, and re-attach the black plastic cable holder to the vertical rear brake reservoir line.

Install the outboard ends on the round EXUP valve fitting, lower cable to #2 where marked on the exhaust. Turn on the ignition key to activate the valve motor, and after it centers, adjust both cable ends w/10mm wrench until the reference ear on the rotating valve cover lies between the centering marks on the cable holder. Periodically cycle the valve motor to check the alignment as you tighten the cables. Tighten both cable ends until there's about 3mm side play in the cables when pushed.

The EXUP valve should rotate freely when the key is turned to self-test, and each cable should briefly gain some slack as reaches the stops in both directions.